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Add2Exchange Enterprise

Add2Exchange Enterprise edition is a robust server-side product which automatically synchronizes items between any combination of Exchange public folders and Outlook personal folders with changes possible in either direction based on the settings you select. Add2Exchange Enterprise is a versatile and multi-featured solution which supports synchronization of Calendars, Contacts, Tasks, Posts and Notes folders and is ideal for anyone interested in GAL Sync for Contacts.

Add2Exchange Enterprise is useful for your road warriors who use smartphones and mobile devices (iPhones, iPads, Androids, BlackBerry, pocket PCs, PDAs) and need to view Exchange public folder information on their devices.

Add2Exchange Standard

Add2Exchange Standard edition is an Exchange add-on which automatically synchronizes items between any combination of Exchange public and/or Outlook personal (mailbox) folders and handles the synchronization and changes between the selected folders based on the settings you select.Add2Exchange Standard supports synchronization of Calendar, Contact, and Task folders in any direction -- public to private, private to public, public to public, private to private, multiple public to multiple private.

For mobility, Add2Exchange can sync contents from the selected public folder to the personal folder for your users who have smartphones and mobile devices (iPhones, iPads, Androids, BlackBerry, pocket PCs, PDAs). Add2Exchange helps you share information and keep your calendar, contact and task folders in sync at the workplace and on the go.


Add2Outlook is desktop solution for Outlook users interested in one way or two way sync of calendars, contacts, and/or task folders on a single workstation. This solution is ideal for you if you are an Outlook user who wants to replicate between two local PST files or need to sync a PST file with a hosted Exchange Server public folder or are looking for private to private replication in a hosted Exchange environment. For a server-side solution to sync Exchange public folders and personal mailbox folders for viewing on mobile devices, see Add2Exchange.

Recovery and Migration Manager

Recovery and Migration Manager is a helpful Add2Exchange tool which fixes folder mappings for relationships in alert due to changes in Exchange folder/mailbox IDs when changes are made to folders with active Add2Exchange relationships. The Recovery and Migration Manager is often needed to fix Add2Exchange relationships in alert status when accounts change, after a move of a user to any other server or organizational unit with an active Add2Exchange relationship, after an Exchange failure or migration, Exchange cluster failover, or any other time the IDs of the source, destination or pivot folders change, or after a folder is deleted and restored.


TaskController is a group task collaboration solution for Microsoft Outlook and Exchange users. TaskController helps you better manage your projects and take better control of your tasks. Ideal for enterprise-wide or departmental tasking, TaskController users can easily create, assign, group, prioritize, document, route, track, manage and share project tasks. Shortcut links to tasks can be emailed to a team member's inbox and calendar appointments (in a personal calendar or public calendar) can be created with links to the original task so managers or team leaders can review the status of the project anytime.