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Licensing Add2Outlook

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For pricing and order form, please visit our Store and click on the Buy Now link which will take you to our Online Store.  To fax your order, you will need to download the order form in a .PDF format.  Print and complete the order form and fax it back to (813) 972-7986.  To talk to a live representative, please contact 813-977-5739 or 800-837-8636 between 9-5 EST.

Priority Service Phone support and remote administration support programs are also available.  We are now offering Remote installation and configuration of our software for around $149, and Premier Support is available free with Value Bundles.

Once we receive your order and process your payment, you will need to submit a product activation request so our Licensing Desk can generate a license key from your address information and email it back to you.  You will paste the key in the license information field as directed to complete the product activation.  Once you receive a license key, you can use the key during the installation or using software distribution techniques.

To activate the product, please refer to the instructions.

If you're within your trial period, go into the Console, and select License and follow the instructions outlined below.

If you're out of trial and the program has no been licensed, you will get the following screen when going into the Add2Outlook Console.  The top of the Console screen shows you the program is not licensed and is out of trial and will not replicate until you purchase a license, and activate it for that type of folder.  After the 21 day trial period, you will receive the screen from the Console stating the relationships are in alert because Add2Outlook is not licensed.  You can delete the relationships, and remove the destination copies, but cannot add any more relationships and cannot sync until licensed.




Each type of relationship, calendar, contacts and tasks is licensed separately.  To license, select License from the dropdown and select the folder you are trying to license.  To request an activation key, select the folder type you are trying to replicate.  In our example, we will license calendars.



Be sure to check the Exchange Server name in the License Server (if there is one).  If you are replicating locally, select the account to license.

When you have purchased and have been sent an activation key, click on the Help/License button and pick the application type you are trying to license.  From the following screen you will enter the key and activate the product for replication on that type of folder.  After the trial period, Add2Outlook will not replicate until you license it.

Step 1 Purchase: Go to the website Store/Add2Outlook and look at the Value Bundles.

Step 2 View License Information: Select this option and fill out the appropriate information.  Be sure to select the kind of user you are and depending on your option, another information tab shows up.



Fill all tabs out and then go back to the End User Tab.  Select "License What?". Select the option you are licensing.

The software is licensed to the end user and if you are a consultant, you have the option to include your information.

For your Account rep, fill in the name of your contact and if you do not have one, leave blank.



Once the End User information is done and completed, go to the first tab and select "License What?".


Select the appropriate product name if there is more than one.  Select multiple if you are trying to license more than one product.



When done selecting, press Accept.  Then on the original screen, press Accept again and an email license request will be sent to our offices, you will see a message like below.



Once we have the payment and appropriate paperwork processed, we will send you a key via Email to the address specified.



Copy the entire key (including dashes) and paste it into box #1 and press OK.

If licensed correctly, it should thank you.  Remember, reinstalling will not extend the trial.

Follow the same process for each type of folder desired for replication.  The Console screen will show an indication that the application is licensed for that type of folder replication.

Again, thank you for your support.