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If the program is set to timed execution, your computer must be on and Outlook running with proper access to the calendars selected.  At any time you can replicate by pressing the Sync Now button from the lower left Toolbar (Outlook 2003) or from the Add-ins tab accessed from the top menu option in Outlook 2007 and 2010 as shown below:



A copy of all source folder items within that date range will show up in the destination folder.  Any reoccurring items will show up if the original “master” item is within the date range. If the reoccurring items do not show up, increase the “Prior” part of the date range to a date before the master copy of the reoccurring appointment.

For tasks, the date range specified in the relationship are for the dates of the task start and complete.  For all tasks or all calendars, use the 0 prior and 0 post.

Hint: If you have many calendar items on the source calendar, do not make your calendar synchronization replication time period too short (recommend at least 30 minutes to an hour) and do not make the replication time frame too long (90 days is common) because of limited resources on your computer and the increased traffic on your network.

If it does not sync, please recheck the prerequisites and make sure the Add-in has been enabled.  If you right click a folder and go to properties and there is no Add2Outlook tab, the Com Add-in may be disabled.

To Enable Add2Outlook in Outlook 2003: Go to Tools, Options, Advanced, Com Add-ins and put a check in Add2Outlook.

To Enable Add2Outlook in Outlook 2007: Go to Tools, Security Trust Center, Manage, Com Add-ins and put a check near the Add2Outlook option.



To Enable Add2Outlook in Outlook 2010: Go to File, Options, Add-ins, Manage, Com Add-ins, click Go and put a check near the Add2Outlook option.

Close Outlook, wait a few seconds and go back into Outlook.

If this does not activate Add2Outlook, go to the troubleshooting section at the end of the manual or the Technical Bulletins.

For the Add2Outlook FAQs, go to FAQs.

You can always ask for free email support by using this link: Support Request.