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Recovery & Migration Manager User Guide

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Recovery & Migration Manager repairs Add2Exchange Relationships that have had their Source or Destination Folder(s) moved within or between Exchange Servers.  This allows you to reestablish the Relationship without having to delete and rebuild the Relationship.  This is especially useful in cases where the mailboxes and/or public folders are assigned new identifiers within Exchange, breaking the Relationship(s):

Mailboxes/Folders are moved to a new Exchange server
A user deletes and recreates a synchronized folder in Outlook
Mailboxes/Folders are restored from backup

In any of these cases, the Relationship goes into Alert status the next time Add2Exchange runs.  Recovery & Migration Manager is designed to inspect and correct any such Relationships.

Please be aware of the following important notices about Recovery & Migration Manager:

The Recovery & Migration Manager process only works on Relationships that are active, ie. Relationships that have not been deleted.  If you have deleted the Relationships you are trying to recover, please contact DidItBetter Technical Support or your account representative for assistance.  Recovery & Migration Manager will not work on Relationships that have been recreated.
Recovery & Migration Manager is available as a separate download at: Downloads.
The Tool must be installed and run under the Add2Exchange Service Account.
Contact your DidItBetter Software account representative for licensing information.
There is no trial mode available for Recovery & Migration Manager.


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