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Using Recovery & Migration Manager

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Licensed Tool

If you have not already licensed Recovery & Migration Manager, see the section Licensing Recovery & Migration Manager for details.

Recovery & Migration Manager inspects all Relationships which are in Alert status and allows you to reselect the folders involved.  This reestablishes the identifiers for the folders in the Relationship.  As long as the following are true, Recovery & Migration Manager will be able to reestablish the Relationship intact, without causing duplication:

The Add2Exchange SQL database is intact
Mailboxes and public folders have been restored to their closest prior state
The Relationships have not been deleted or recreated within the Add2Exchange Console

Follow these instructions to reestablish your Relationships:

Close all Add2Exchange applications.  Stop the Add2Exchange Service if it is running.

Recovery & Migration Manager Desktop Icon

1.Double-click the DisasterRecovery.exe desktop icon.

Recovery & Migration Manager User Interface

2.Click the GO! button.

Source Folder Selection


Choose the folder carefully.  Selecting an incorrect folder will cause synchronization to malfunction.


You will only have to select each individual folder once whether it is used in one or many Relationships.

3.Examine the selection highlighted in red on the main window and select the matching folder from the folder list.  Click OK.

Destination Folder Selection

4.Repeat for the Destination Folder
5.If this is a Private-to-Private relationship, you will also be prompted to select the Pivot folder for the Relationship.

Process Completion Dialog

Repeat until the Process Completion dialog appears.  Click OK then close Recovery & Migration Manager application.


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