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Guide for Standard and Enterprise Editions

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Recovery & Migration Manager

Standard Edition 9.x series

Enterprise Edition 14.x series

Manual updates as of 9/27/2012

User Guide

A guide written from the perspective of the end-user of the Recovery & Migration Manager.  An excellent beginner's guide for end-user and administrator alike.  Start here.

Installation Guide

A straightforward guide to installing the Recovery & Migration Manager.  Does not cover background material necessary to plan your configuration once the software is installed, so be sure to read the administration guide prior to this guide.

Troubleshooting Resources

Resources from to assist with any technical installation questions you encounter.

Print Version

A PDF version of the most current revision of this manual is available at: Guides.


Please read the Release Notes included with the version of Add2Exchange you are installing regardless of whether you are new to Add2Exchange or an experienced user.

The Release Notes summarize important updates on the installation process, any changes to capabilities, including enhancements and retractions, user changes in behavior, configuration changes, system requirements and procedures. This information is significant and will ensure proper operation.


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