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Completing a Task

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When making the last entry in a task in the Documentation Page, you can also complete the task and document the resolution.

There are two resolution fields, the published resolution and the unpublished resolution.  The unpublished resolution is the standard, internal-use documentation of how the task was resolved.  This should include the full detail of the resolution.  It is not included in updates sent from the task by default, although you may choose to send it (see Sending Tasks and Updates). Note that links to the task  allow the unpublished resolution to be viewed if the user has permission to see the task.

Optionally you may also fill out the published resolution.  This field is meant to be shared with external customers.  By external customers, we mean users within your organization who are not part of your department, group or team.  The published resolution may be included in updates to such customers.

When you have completed the task, click the Completed checkbox.  This will strike the task as completed in the TaskController view.

You will also want to archive the task.  You can do this by manually moving the item to the Completed items sub folder in the TaskController instance tree.





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