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Licensing TaskController

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Purchase your TaskController license today at our Store.

Reinstalling TaskController will not extend the trial.

1.After installation, open Outlook.

Tools Menu

2.Click File, Options, Add-Ins, and click Add-in Options...

TaskController Tab

3.Select the TaskController tab and click License.

Licensing Dialog

4.If you have already purchased TaskController through your account representative, you may skip Step 1.  Otherwise click Purchase to go to our online Store.
5.Click View License Information.

Registration Dialog

6.Select what kind of registration this is in the I am the... section.
7.Enter the end user's information in the registration fields.  If you are the end user, you do not need to fill out any other information.  Otherwise if you are making another kind of registration, fill out the appropriately named tab with your information.
8.Click License What?.

License Selection Dialog

9.Select the appropriate license from the available licenses, fill out the license type and number, then click Accept.
10.Make any other purchase selections you desire, then click Done.

Purchase Confirmation Dialog

11.Click OK.
12.Click Cancel at the main licensing dialog to exit while you await your license key.

You will receive an email from DidItBetter Software within three business days with your license key.  You may activate TaskController at that time by entering the main licensing dialog once more and pasting the key into Step 3.  You may paste the entirety of the key into the first box and it will be fully entered.

TaskController's license key is made from your domain’s unique Microsoft Exchange Organizational Unit name. Each license is sold as an unlimited user license which allows an unlimited number of users per Exchange Organizational Unit on the server.  The license is sold with 6 months software assurance and email support.

Upgrading after Trial or Software Assurance Expiration

You CAN upgrade your current installation of TaskController after your software assurance expires, but if you upgrade first, after software assurance expires, the program will not operate until you pay for the current version upgrade and receive a new license.  It is highly recommended not to downgrade your installation to previous installations as it may not work and may require paid technical support.  For uninterrupted operation, if you want the updated version of TaskController or are extending your software assurance, please contact your sales representative prior to the upgrade or expiration of your software assurance for incentives to extend your software assurance.

Again, the best value we can provide is to purchase extended software assurance with your initial license or extend it BEFORE it expires.


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