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New Installs

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Each user must have local machine administrator privileges during the installation of TaskController.

Prior to installing TaskController, be sure Outlook is not running.  If Outlook is running, open the Task Manager by right-clicking the Start bar in a blank spot and choosing Task Manager from the menu.  Then click the Processes tab and find outlook.exe in the list.  Go back to Outlook, exit and watch for OUTLOOK.EXE to disappear from the Processes list.

Task Manager


To install TaskController, follow these steps:



1.Double-click the TaskController setup file.  Right click TaskController Full Installation.EXE, and select Run as administrator.



2. Click Install.



3. Click Next >.



4. Select "I Agree" then click Next >.



5. Choose the destination folder for the install and click Next >.



6. If you do not have a key, you may leave the box blank and click Next > which will give you a free trial version of TaskController for 21 days.  If you do have a key, enter it into the box and click Next >.



7. Click Next > and TaskController will begin to install as shown in photo below.




8. When installation is complete click Close.


Customization Installer Dialog


9. If you are using Outlook 2007, you may see this dialog.  Click Install.

Congratulations! TaskController has successfully been installed!

Continue with the following sections to configure TaskController for use.


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