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Preparing to Install TaskController

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Your administrator will provide you with the TaskController Outlook Client.  The Outlook Client is an Outlook COM add-in that does not install a separate program or interface.  It becomes a part of Outlook's own interface by adding toolbars, dialogs and special Task capabilities within Outlook itself.  It must be installed for each user.

The TaskController Client is responsible for the following functions, among others:

Adding TaskController forms which make TaskController tasks look and act differently from a regular task.
The automation behind the forms to take certain actions automatically or in response to a user event, such as fill in a timestamp.
Sending notifications and task links via email.
Scheduling appointments related to tasks.

The user installs the client under their account on their computer.  Since it is an Outlook add-in, TaskController tasks are only usable through that instance of Outlook and are not available through Outlook Web Access.  The TaskController must be licensed and installed on any computer from which a user wishes to manage their TaskController tasks.

Follow these steps to prepare to install TaskController:

1.Download the latest version of TaskController at: Downloads.
2.Make sure your system conforms to the minimum system requirements detailed in the System Requirements section.
3.Follow the instructions in the section Installing TaskController.


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