1.The Outlook Advanced taskbar receives a new view that is selected by default when viewing the Our Tasks folder:

TaskController View

The TaskController view is configurable just like any other view.  See the Outlook help topic Create a New View or Customize an Existing One for more information.

2.Both Departments and Groups are sorted.  You can change the sort order by clicking on the buttons near the top of the viewing pane.
3.The TaskController view creates foldable groupings (sets of tasks that can be shown or hidden by clicking the + or - icon) based on the Departments and Groups assigned to the task.

Each Department and Group can be looked at as an individual task queue, where someone is assigned to monitor and distribute the tasks delivered there.

The view also shows a number of fields from the Task:

Column Headings

Within each queue, the tasks can be sorted on any individual field by clicking on the field.

If you would like to base your queues on something other than the Department and Group assignments, you can grab and drag a heading to the same spot and arrange them in any order.  See the Outlook help topic Group or Ungroup Items  for more information.


Page url: http://www.diditbetter.com/manuals/TaskController/TaskController Installation Guide/index.html?task_view.htm