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Avoiding Duplication

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When setting up a new relationship, if the destination folder already contains copies of any of the originating items there is the potential for duplication.  This is because a relationship creates and tracks its own replicas.

The relationship does not try to discover and match destination items to the source.  Doing so would be performance prohibitive.  Instead, the relationship creates and tracks its own copies irrespective of the existing contents of the destination folder.

The destination folder already contains a user's copy of the contacts in the source.

The relationship creates replicas, seemingly duplicating the destination's contents.

For this reason, you want to make sure the destination folder is clear of copies prior to initial synchronization.  If the destination folder is a perfect copy of the source, you may simply delete the contents of the destination or move them to a side folder.  We recommend keeping the copies in a side folder until you are satisfied with the results of synchronization to be on the safe side.  A side folder may be created in the user's mailbox for this purpose, for example.

More than likely your destination is not a perfect copy of the source.  It may contain the user's personal contacts or local modifications to public contacts that are important to keep.  In this case we still recommend moving items to a side folder to preserve personal copies.  However, the user will need to determine which copies are important to return to the destination folder once synchronization has completed.

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