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Recurring Appointments

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Recurring appointments are synchronized (separately from normal appointments) if the date of the initial meeting of the recurrence falls within the period specified in this option dialog.  All recurring meetings beginning on or after the date specified here are synchronized, including those beginning in the future.

There are two methods for specifying the start of the recurrence replication window: either a fixed date or a number of days in the past.

The fixed date option provides a means for you to specify a particular date, after which any recurring meetings are always synchronized.  This can be useful if, for example, you have non-moving items such as birthdays that will always need to be synchronized.

The number of days in the past option allows you to specify a number of days which are used to calculate how far in the past from today should be synchronized.  The date at which to begin synchronizing recurrences is calculated by subtracting the specified number of days from today's date.  Because it is calculated from today's date, it is a sliding date that tracks with the passage of time.  This option is recommended because of limitations of copying recurrences within Exchange.  These limitations are within Exchange and cannot be avoided.


Depending on the number of recurrences to be synchronized by your particular environment, using the fixed date option may contribute to reaching the limit on recurrences that can be copied within Exchange.

For this reason the number of days option is strongly recommended.  While the limitation may still be reached with this option, it is less likely, and the likelihood does not grow over time as it does with the fixed date option.

Because the limitation is a run-time limitation within Exchange, it can be reset by restarting the Exchange Information Store service.  However, once the limit has been hit, it is almost inevitable the system will again hit the limit unless the number of recurrences is reduced, the number of relationships is reduced, or the amount of time between Exchange restarts is reduced.

The limitation exhibits itself by EXCDO errors in the application event viewer log.  For more details, see Technical Bulletin 174.

The Processing Option setting allows you to choose between normal synchronization of recurring items and a mode which only synchronizes the addition or deletion of recurrences but not changes.  Edits to source recurrences are not synchronized to the destination in this case.  This can be useful if you need to reset reminders on source items without generating numerous destination reminders.

Recurring Appointment Global Options

1)Complete either (a) or (b) and then (c):
a)Click the Fixed Date radio button, then select a date from the date dropdown.

- or -

b)Click the Number of Days button, then fill out a number of days from today back.  For example, the number 365 would instruct Add2Exchange to synchronize recurrences beginning as far back as a year from today, on an ongoing basis.
c)Click either default synchronization or copy but not edit synchronization.
2)Click OK.
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