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Status of Required Services

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Within the Service Utility, there are tests of the required Services Add2Exchange needs to operate correctly.

Services Status Report

By default the Console stops the Add2Exchange Service when it is opened.  The Add2Exchange status should always read False when in the Console.  If it reads True, you very likely have another administrator working on Add2Exchange and you should coordinate to make sure you are not making conflicting changes.

The status of the Microsoft Exchange Information Store should always read True. If it reads False this either means your Exchange stores are down (not likely, but possible), the Exchange server was inaccurately specified during the install program (more likely) or the Service Account does not have administrator privileges on the Exchange server (most likely).  It is also possible, but less likely, the local Windows Management Instrumentation Interface (WMI) Service has not been started.  Add2Exchange requires the WMI Service to be started on both the Exchange Server and the Synchronization Server to operate correctly.

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