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Let's start by building a good relationship between you and our support team.  It is a good idea to read this document in its entirety because, as with any powerful tool, it is best to be familiar with ALL of the practical aspects of Add2Exchange operations before using it on your mission-critical data.

Please install the solution after reading through this manual, as there are some prerequisites you have to complete to have a successful trial run.  As good advice, please back up your data FIRST, before installation and operation.

This manual and software is the product of thousands of man hours of programming, testing, requests and feedback from individuals like YOU.  Please share your suggestions on making our products serve you best.  Please post your suggestions in the Add2Exchange Discussion and Feature Requests Forum.

If you have a problem, we have a complete section of Technical Bulletins and Frequently Asked Questions on the web at our Knowledgebase.

Please search the knowledgebase to help you find almost every issue the support team has encountered, complete with recommendations and resolutions, 24 hours a day.  You can also open a ticket for email support at: Support Request or initiate live chat support with one of our support attendants if available and online.

Thanks for helping us build a great support relationship.

The DidItBetter Software Team

Third Party Software

If you have any external programs which operate on a source or destination folder involved in an Add2Exchange relationship, please make these programs known to your support personnel.

If you are using any third party software such as an ERP solution to update the Global Address List or Active Directory objects, for example, and plan to use Add2Exchange for Global Address List syncing, please make this known to one of our technical consultants so we can best advise you.

If you are using Prolaw, there are some special considerations discussed on the Support site to help integrate this solution into your environment correctly. Communicating this information to us in advance can help you avoid potential delays in successful synchronization and can assist in setting up the Rules of the Information Relationships correctly for your environment.

At this point in the software development cycle, there are no known incompatibilities with these and other solutions reported to date; however, you may need to make special considerations to make it work well.

Your Rights as a Licensee

1.You have the right to a better user experience by reading this manual.  Informed customers make their own experience better.
2.Licensed users have the right to FREE email support on the licensed solution within your software assurance plan as well as free access to updates and upgrades available for download from  the web, for the duration of their software assurance period on the Licensed edition.  Our Technical Support Knowledge base is also absolutely FREE:



Technical Bulletins and Supporting Files


Support Requests

Support Forums

3.You have the right to phone or remote support for a reasonable fee, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.  Per session and remote support packages available.  Visit: Remote Support for more info.
4.You have the right to escalate your case to Priority Support for an additional fee.  Priority Support cases are handled ahead of other cases and, at the discretion of DidItBetter Software, may be handled outside of regular business hours.
5.You have the right to have your configuration certified, the package installed, upgraded and/or configured for you for a reasonable fee by one of our certified technicians.
6.You have the right to have your ideas and suggestions be heard, acknowledged and considered for future upgrades.
7.You have the right to have your feature request escalated to a formally quoted development request.

For additional info on our tech support lineup please visit: Premium Support  or call us at 800-837-8639 or Intl: 001-813-977-5739.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service. We look forward to working with you.

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