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Cached Mode

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Add2Outlook is Exchange Cached mode aware, which means it will not error when in Cached Mode, and depending on how you set up your relationships, it will replicate when offline, but only to the “stale” public folder.  It will not replicate to private mailboxes when offline.

You can set up a relationship in Cached Mode when connected.

You have to be online to license the program.

Add2Outlook will replicate if in Cached mode and the system is connected.

If Outlook is offline, the Add2Outlook Console will be unavailable.  Connect to the Exchange server and reopen the relationship Console.

If offline mode is required, you should set up your relationships to the public folder favorites instead of setting up an OST file as outlined in Making Relationships steps.

Set up Outlook with the public folder as a public folder favorite, and then in the Add2Outlook Console, set up the relationship to the public folder favorite.

If the program is set up so the source or destination folder is to the Exchange public folder favorites, synchronization will occur to that folder, but will not update the original folder until back online.

Note: You cannot edit the existing relationship while offline, unless the folders are available to Outlook such as to a PST file, public folder favorite or private folders.