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Sync Interval

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If you want to specify an automatic or timed sync, you will need to go and specify it as a Rule in the Console.

Open Console and from the top menu bar (Add-In Options), click Settings then click Settings Display.  The following screen will appear:



On installation, the default replication interval option is set for every 5 minutes.  This means every 5 minutes the service will process the synchronization event and start replicating the items according to the relationship’s parameters.  If the system is in a sync cycle, it will wait until complete, then wait 5 minutes and then start the sync again.  We suggest a 10-15 minute interval to conserve resources.

Hint: If you change the replication interval, the synchronization will apply those changes after the current synchronization process has completed fully and will take effect for the next synchronization cycle.

Tip: Setting this interval to 1 minute is extremely undesirable, as Outlook will always be synchronizing.  Again, have the synchronization interval period as long as possible to conserve your computer and network resources, and common values are MANUAL, 10 minutes, 15 minutes and hourly, depending on the folder type and business rule.

By design, Add2Outlook will not run the synchronization process while the prior replication is still running, or the Add2Outlook Configuration Console is open.  To sync, close the Console and select Sync Now or Start the time and wait for the timer to start the sync.