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Reset Products

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Reset Products clears out Add2Outlook copies or removes hidden Add2Outlook fields from items in a folder.

This is useful when you've gotten rid of an Add2Outlook relationship and left the copies in place. If the copies are unwanted, this tool can remove them for you. If the copies are wanted, but you also want to use them as the source of another relationship, the hidden fields on the items need to be removed before Add2Outlook will copy them elsewhere.

Click Reset Products

Note: Do not use this tool to clean Add2Exchange items. The version of Add2Exchange targeted by the tool is obsolete and it does not work for the latest versions of Add2Exchange.

Decide between removing destination items or just cleaning them
oChoose Remove Source Fields And Delete Destination Items if you want to remove the copies
oChoose Remove Source Fields And Remove Destination Fields if you just want to clean the hidden fields from the items so, for example, they may be used in other relationships
Decide between picking a folder or a relationship
oChoose Reset Prior Relationship Items if you have an existing relationship pointing to the correct folders. Note that this will also remove all hidden fields from items in the source folder, which is useful when you have a source with some copies mixed in that you would like to copy
oChoose Reset Selected Folder Items if you would like so simply select one folder. In this case, there is no source folder, so nothing additional will be done.
Select the relationship or folder as appropriate

You are done.


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