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Configuring TaskController

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You're almost ready to get started with TaskController!  You just need to provide a few important pieces of information and you'll be on your way to a whole new way of managing your team's workload.

1.Open Outlook.

2.Click File, Options, Add-Ins, and click Add-in Options...

TaskController Tab

3.Select the TaskController tab.  Click Create and you will be prompted for an instance name.  In our example we have named the instance TaskController demo, but you can name it the business name or initials.

Folder Selection Dialog

4.Select the main TaskController folder provided by your administrator.  Click OK.


If you are the administrator and you have not yet created the folder structure for TaskController, first complete the section Creating Public Folders in the Administration Guide, then return here.

TaskController Tab


5.TaskController will automatically select your public Tasks and Appointment default folders from the main TaskController folder and your private Tasks and Calendar folders from your mailbox. Note: If you would like to override these settings, for example if you already have a public shared Calendar elsewhere, select it under the appropriate Defaults section for Tasks or Appointments.




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