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Scheduling From a Task

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Clicking the Schedule Task button from the TaskController taskbar brings up the TaskController item option dialog:

TaskController Item Option Dialog

The Included Information and Destination fields are the same as the send button.  See Sending Tasks and Updates for details.

The Schedule What? selection includes one new option, to create a blank appointment for you to fill out.

The Default selection allows you to choose from the following calendars.  Each calendar is designated in the TaskController settings described in the Configuring TaskController section.

Private calendar - schedule the appointment on your private calendar.
Public calendar - schedule the appointment on the group shared calendar.
Public with private shortcut - schedule the appointment on the group shared calendar as well as a placeholder appointment in your private calendar.  The private appointment contains a link to the public appointment.

When you have finished specifying the recipients and scheduling type, click Process.

If you would like to edit the text of appointment body prior to sending, instead click Add Comment, then click Send on the appointment request.

Click Cancel to discard the appointment request.


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