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Technical Bulletins and Supporting Files


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For Diditbetter Software Sales & Support Call 813-977-5739 or email

Please review our Troubleshooting & FAQ sections below before contacting support.  They are available on the web at our Knowledgebase or in the Add2Outlook tab under License/Help.

Think you need Technical Assistance?  We have provided a handy tool to help you export your configuration to be included in a support request.

Go to the Console and select Help Export Setup.  The relationship information gets copied to where you save it in a text file and opens the text file for you.  Please send it to

If remote assistance is desired, we can escalate your issue to Level Five Support.  A list of your available options can be found here: Premium Support.

We support remote desktop connection (RDC),, VNC, Citrix, Webex, LogMeIn, etc.  Contact your support representative to enable this kind of assistance.


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