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Introducing TaskController

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TaskController is a task management system that integrates with Microsoft Outlook mail client and Exchange mail server products.  TaskController makes it simple to share tasks between task owners, assignees, team members, internal clients and other concerned parties within your organization.

TaskController tasks are an enhanced version of the basic Outlook task with which you are already familiar.  By extending the capabilities of Outlook tasks rather than introducing an entirely new task management system, you gain several benefits:

Minimal learning curve - many task functions can be managed as usual while TaskController features are available as-needed.  Outlook task users will be comfortable with them right off the bat.
Powerful built-in Outlook features - Outlook's communication and collaboration features, such as document attachment, are built right in since you're already using Outlook.  Competing products require their own complex system to provide functions you already get from Outlook and Exchange.
Reduced overhead and clutter - fewer applications means fewer moving parts to manage, less memory and disk consumption and less desktop clutter.

But TaskController tasks are no ordinary Outlook tasks.  TaskController completely revitalizes and repurposes Outlook tasks:

Tasks become teamwork-aware.  Groups can be assigned to manage a task.  Hand-offs can be made between groups as well as between group members.
Tasks can send status updates to any party in your organization.  Emails can be sent to the team involved in the task as well as the customer and interested parties.  Emails can contain single updates or a link to the task itself.  Administrative information can be kept in unpublished fields while information important to customers is provided in regular update fields.
Appointments that reference the task can be scheduled from within the task itself.
Tasks are shared in a TaskController-specific public folder structure available to all team members.  Emails which reference the task can be linked to the public task so everyone sees the same thing.
Tasks track history and time spent.

...the list goes on.

Team members can be kept in the loop by putting them in the Team or Contacts field.  When you are viewing a task assigned to someone else, you can automatically be added to the list by the Join Team button in the TaskController toolbar.

Other important task information can be tracked, such as due date, completion, priority and so on.  Once the task is created, it is assigned to an individual, who can choose to manage the task directly in the TaskController folder or from their own folder by creating a link to the task in the TaskController folder.

Task links are a new feature created by TaskController.  Task links allow you to store and work on the task in the public folder, so all actions and updates are shared and posted publicly, while still giving you access to the task from your personal tasks list (or wherever else you can post a task in Outlook).

Task links allow you to share tasks with others by sending them in emails.  Rather than creating another copy of the task, every user sees and works from the same information.

You can access this feature and others from the TaskController taskbar that is added to Outlook:

TaskController Task


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