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For Existing Items in Source

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The Existing Items in the Source option is only available at the time the relationship is created.  This option appears at the bottom of the relationship screen and determines what you want the program to do with the existing items in the Source folder.  For calendars and tasks this option will only affect the items within the date range specified.  This option copies or does not copy all Contacts in the Source.

Be careful, you only get one chance at this option. If originally you wanted ALL the items copied from the Source to the Destination and when you made the relationship you selected Copy no items, you will have to delete the relationship, remove the copies (there will be none) and remake the relationship again and specify to Copy all items.

In a public-to-private relationship, you probably want to Copy all items.

In a private-to-public relationship, you may want to Copy all items or you may want to Copy no items, depending on whether there was personal information in the private folder that no one would want synchronized. The user could mark all items private before you create a relationship, specifying  the option to "Do Not Copy Private Items", or you can exclude the existing items within the date range and only copy new ones thereafter. Check on both alternatives before creating the relationship.

Copy No Items: If you select Copy No Items, Add2Exchange will ignore all existing items and mark them to never copy for this relationship. If this option is selected, Add2Exchange only synchronizes new appointments created after the calendar relationship is established.

Existing items in the Source will never copy and synchronize to the Destination even if the relationship has been changed in the future. Any new items from the Source will be copied to the Destination.

Tip: If you find none of the existing items have synchronized and you want them to copy from the Source to the Destination, the only way to get existing items synchronized is to delete the relationship, specify to remove any Destination copies and then rebuild the relationship.

Name Confirmation Dialog

When done, press Yes and the program will ask you to confirm the name you have given the relationship. If you click NO you will be given the opportunity to change the name.  Typically the automatic name given is sufficient but can and should be shortened or renamed to your preference.

If you selected Copy no items in the relationship, Add2Exchange marks the originals in the Source not to be copied before you can make another relationship. Please be patient, this may take a while to mark all the items not to be copied.

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