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License Menu

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Requesting Your License Key

License Menu


When requesting a license, it does not matter which item you select here. You may specify any license type (or multiple license types) in the next few steps.

When you have received your key and need to enter it, however, you must select the proper license type here.

1.From the menu bar, select License, then any of the modules.

License Request and Entry Dialog


These steps assume you have already purchased Add2Exchange from our online store or your account representative.

If not, click Step 1: Purchase to go to our online store or call 800-837-8636 to purchase.

2.Click Step 2: Send License Address To

Registration Dialog


Select an option other than End User if you would like the license key sent to more than one address.  Also select the checkbox in the Consultant Information tab.

3.Select the kind of customer you are from the radio buttons on the left.
4.Fill out the End User Information tab.  This should be a representative of the organization that will own the license.

Registration Dialog (Consultant Information Tab)

5.If it appears, select the Consultant Information tab and fill it out.  This should be the person responsible for installing the software (this means you, unless you already filled out the first tab with your information, in which case change the selection to End User in the I am the section).
6.Go back to the End User Information tab.
7.Click Licensing What?

License Selection Dialog

8.Select one of the appropriate products from the Available License Products section.
9.For Add2Exchange, select the appropriate relationship type from the Type of Relationship section.
10. For Add2Exchange, enter the purchased number of relationships in the Number of Relationships section.
11. Click Add to My License Selection Below.  Repeat if necessary for other product add-ons/types.
12. Click Done.
13. On the registration dialog, click Accept.  Your license request will be sent to  It typically takes one to three business days to process the request and return your key(s).

Entering your License Key

License Request and Entry Dialog

1.Once you have received the license key, copy the key in its entirety into the clipboard.
2.Place the cursor in Box #1 of Step 3 and paste in the key.  The key will be pasted in its entirety.
3.Click OK.

Thank you for purchasing Add2Exchange!

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