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Licensing Add2Exchange

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Purchase your Add2Exchange license today at our Store.  Reinstalling Add2Exchange will not extend the trial.

Note: If you are licensing a sync suite or value bundle, please note that each key sent to you will be unique and specific to each folder type, module, and/or tool.  Each one has its own different license key.  Please ensure that the correct key is entered for each module.

Upgrading after Expiration of Software Assurance

If your trial has expired, you need to purchase a license to continue using the software; you may purchase a new license on our online store or call us to place your order by credit card or email your order request to If you are a licensed end user and your software assurance subscription has expired, please contact us to purchase a Current Version Upgrade.

Don't forget to save by purchasing extended Software Assurance at the time of software purchase or by extending prior to expiration.  See the section License_Menu in the Administration Guide for details on how to request and enter your license key.

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