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Post-Install Steps

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Antivirus Exclusion

After installation has completed and prior to building the first relationship, create an exclusion in your antivirus scanning package for the Add2Exchange installation directory.  This is the directory you chose, typically this is C:\Program Files\OpenDoor Software®\Add2Exchange or C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenDoor Software®\Add2Exchange for Server 2003 and Server 2003 x64 respectively.

The reason for adding this exception is, the directory where Add2Exchange is installed both hosts the Add2Exchange database as well as provides a temporary storage point for the replication of attachments on items in Exchange.  Antivirus scanning on these files is both unnecessary as well as performance prohibitive to synchronization.

Antivirus active file scanning exclusions and moving the temporary "MMP files" out of c:\Windows\Temp to a new directory so we can exclude the directory from scanning:

(32 bit)

C:\Program Files\OpenDoor Software® and all subdirectories

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server and all subdirectories

C:\Program Files\ExchangeMapi

C:\Windows\MMP (please see tip below first)


(64 bit)

C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenDoor Software® and all subdirectories

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server and all subdirectories

C:\Program Files (x86)\ExchangeMapi

C:\Windows\MMP (please see tip below first)


Tip: Microsoft puts the temporary Exchange profile files needed for proper operation in the c:\windows\temp directory.  We would want to exclude these thousands of temporary files from active file scanning too.  It is probably a bad idea to exclude this directories (c:\windows\temp) common virus hole from active virus scanning, therefore it is best to follow this Microsoft tip and move the location for the temporary files MMP files entirely.  In our opinion, it is best to move the location and not just exclude the file type MMP, since that would trigger a deeper comparison by the antivirus software rather than excluding the entire new directory we create, which will be accessible by all programs, and then making sure the new location would be excluded from Antivirus scanning.  For more information visit: Technical Bulletin 218.

Tip: You should make a new directory and not just exclude the C:\Windows\Temp directory.  It is suggested to make a directory (on the local box) named something like "C:\Windows\MMP" and using the link above to move Microsoft CDO temporary files, then being sure to exclude from antivirus active file scanning along with those above.

Data Execution Prevention

Check to make sure Data Execution Prevention (DEP) is off except for Windows Programs.

Right click My Computer.  Click Properties > Advanced.  Select Data Execution Prevention.

If it is on, and you want it to be on, exclude these files:

Add2Exchange Console.exe
A2E Director.exe
Add2Exchange Service.exe

For Add2Exchange Enterprise, add these:



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