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Stopping the Add2Exchange Service During Backup

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Although it is not actually essential, it is best computing practices to stop the Add2Exchange Service and SQL database Service during your backup process. This option is only available if the backup program is installed on the same server as the backup program (Symantec Backup Exec– in our example) If you are not using a program such as Symantec Backup Exec, your backup program must have pre-job and post-job commands for this section to work for you or you must write batch files that call these programs prior and post your backup job.

We have included two executable files in the C:\Program Files\OpenDoor Software®\Add2Exchange\Service Restart directory to start and stop the required services during backup so you can get some quiet time to back up and verify your Exchange folders and SQL database. We recommend specifying them in your backup program as a pre-job command and a post-job command so when the backup tries to verify, it does not report changed items and report a failed backup status.

Pre-job Command

C:\Program Files\OpenDoor Software®\Add2Exchange\Service Restart\Add2Exchange Service Stop.exe

Post-job Command

C:\Program Files\OpenDoor Software®\Add2Exchange\Service Restart\Add2Exchange Service Start.exe

Tip: It is easier to copy the path of the software from Windows Explorer because of the ® symbol in the path.

Pre/Post Command Dialog

This figure specifies how the commands would be used in the popular backup program Backup Exec if and only if Add2Exchange was installed to the default directory of:

C:\Program Files\OpenDoor Software®\Add2Exchange

Note: Your installed location may be different. Please install to the same location.

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