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Detailed Install

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Installing Add2Outlook on your Workstation

Please continue to read this entire document prior to installation of the software!


User Access Control has been turned off (if applicable) and the system has been rebooted.
You are logged into Windows as the User to install and operate the Add2Outlook Console software.
The user is an “Administrator” of the local machine so he or she can install software.
There are no group policies that prohibit the installation of software even though the user is an Administrator of the local machine.
Outlook is closed.
Outlook is configured to be able to connect to your Exchange Server.  You cannot install, configure and upgrade this program offline.

Installation on a Standalone Machine

Get the latest software from our Downloads page

Upgrades are not necessary to license the product, but please use the latest release.  If upgrades to Add2Outlook are done, the relationships will not be removed between upgrades.  The relationships remain there. If upgrades to Outlook are done, an uninstall of the previous version of Add2Outlook can be done and installation of newer version for that version of Outlook can be done seamlessly.  All relationships and settings remain after the upgrade.  Upgrades are free during the software assurance period.  To upgrade FREE to later versions, please make sure you have the valid Software Assurance policy in place.

Tip: Please keep the installation files in a safe place.  Diditbetter Software does not provide retired releases of the software, but will provide the latest version which works with MS Critical Service packs in effect at the time.

The zip file has the Full installation, including supporting files and the Add2Outlook installation, it includes the Add2Outlook setup file for updates (once the full version is installed once, the prerequisites are installed on the machine and updates can be done by running only the vAdd2Outlook.msi, and the latest manual.

Note: you can always run the Full, because if the prerequisite supporting files are already installed, it will bypass that part of the installation and just install the new version of Add2Outlook.  The standalone msi is included for automated software installation as part of AD policies.

Important! Download the version of Add2Outlook which matches your installation of Outlook.

If you are running Outlook 2003, download and install

If you are running Outlook 2007, download and install

If you are running Outlook 2010, download and install

* In our example screenshots, we will install the Outlook 2010 version of Add2Outlook, and have downloaded


An example of the download file


1. Run the self extracting executable and it will Extract the files to a directory.

2. Close Outlook.

3. The first time you run it on that machine, run 2010Add2Outlook Full.exe.

4. Please follow the screens and accept the defaults.



The Supporting files will be installed, and you will be prompted with the installation dialogs:




5. Select “I Agree” to continue with the Installation.

6. In the Select Installation Folder window, to accept the default path, click Next > to continue.

Note: To install Add2Outlook® in a different folder, enter it in the Folder field if you know the exact path or click Browse to find the desired folder.



7. Once the setup parameters have been defined, click Next > to continue to the Confirm Installation window.



8. This screen will allow you to paste in the key if you have licensed the program.  This will install the program with the license already applied and assists when doing automated software installations, or when installing the program to more than one workstation.  If you are in trial or have not purchased the program yet, leave this screen blank and press Next > to continue and the program will install in the trial mode.  The trial software will convert to live software with the key.  Upgrades are not necessary to go live, and if upgrades are done, the relationships will not be removed between upgrades.  The relationships remain there.



Congratulations! You have successfully installed and are ready to configure Add2Outlook.

At this point, Add2Outlook has successfully been installed on the computer, but has not been activated.

Next we need to go to the next section to open Outlook, activate the Com Add-in and set up a Relationship which can be found in Usage.