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Quick Install

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Please DO THE PREREQUISITES above prior to continuing with the installation of this software!

Please consider using the next section, Detailed Install,to install for novice users and to ensure proper installation.

Verify the following from the previous steps:

Verify the account you are using for replication (the replication service account, or service account) has client “Owner” rights to the public and private folders in Outlook or from Exchange System Manager.
Log on to the workstation as the service account – the user whose domain account must be part of the local “Administrators” group of the local machine.
Make sure Outlook is closed and Outlook is NOT in Exchange Cached mode.  Extract the downloaded zip file.  Run the Add2Outlook FULL setup program - right click, run as Administrator, if applicable.
The setup will automatically install the correct version for your version of Outlook.
Open Outlook and accept the prompt to install and activate Add2Outlook.

If on a mobile laptop which will go offline, set up any public folders favorites as offline replicated folders and set the relationships to those folders so Add2Outlook can function optimally.  If this is a dedicated replication workstation and will not go offline, go to the next step.

Right click a folder and select the Add2Outlook Tab.
Add a new relationship through the Add2Outlook for Calendars Console.
Set up the desired relationship(s).
Choose your source and destination folders.
Choose Relationship Characteristics.
Choose Add2Outlook Operation Mode – manual or timed.

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Licensing: Later during licensing, the replication workstation or each of the installations on your network must license the product separately, but if an entire organizational license is purchased and the users are part of the same organizational unit, the same key can be used for each member of that Exchange Organizational Unit.

Post install recommendation: Consider excluding the installed program's directory and subdirectories from Antivirus Active file scanning.

The default installation location is: C:\Program Files\OpenDoor Software®.