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If you are upgrading your existing version of Add2Outlook, please review and certify your system prior to installation as detailed in the section System Requirements.  Refer to Upgrades for upgrade instructions.

Add2Outlook Upgrade Instructions

Important: Verify that you have valid software subscription before proceeding to get the upgrade for FREE.  The Subscription dates are listed next to your license key in the Add2Outlook Console and your licensing email sent to you.

You are licensed for at least a year of free upgrades when you purchase or renew your license, sometimes longer if you purchase 2 or 3 year license renewals. This means you are entitled to get free “do it yourself” upgrades to the Software under your Software Assurance for that period.  If you purchased Premier Support or an incident with your license, you have the option to let us remotely assist, without giving us any credential information through Remote Support Procedures.

Please make sure you have the latest build of the version you are running from the download section. 


The latest version of Add2Outlook is available at:


Upgrading Add2Outlook is a relatively easy process which should only take a few minutes. Below we have listed a simple step by step guide on the upgrade process.

1.Make sure Outlook is closed before performing this upgrade
2.Verify that you have valid software subscription before proceeding
oThe Subscription dates are listed next to your license key in the Add2Outlook Console and your licensing email sent to you.
3.Visit the DidItBetter Download Center, to retrieve the necessary upgrade
oIf you do not know your user name, please contact us to look it up for you
4.Choose the link for the version of Add2Outlook you have installed, Standard or Enterprise


5.There is no need to remove the prior version of Add2Outlook.
6.To upgrade Add2Outlook
7.Together or in preparation for remote assistance support, download and install the released version from here for your convenience:
8.First, please do your MS critical updates and reboot prior to the A2O upgrade
9.To upgrade Add2Outlook
10.Close Outlook and install over the older edition
11.To do this, extract the zip file to your “zlibrary” folder for Add2Outlook setups.
12.TIP: For first time installs, the folder must be run on the local machine and not a mapped drive.
13.Right click the Full Add2Outlook installation file and run as administrator (if applicable)
14.It will automatically install the correct version of Add2Outlook for the version of Outlook you have installed.
15.Open the Add2Outlook Console and make sure you are still licensed and if not, submit a license request using these procedures:

If you have other questions and email support is not fast enough, please use the online support search located here:

From there you can search forum postings, consult the knowledgebase and troubleshooter guide.

Upgrading after Trial or Software Assurance Expiration

If your trial period ended, you will need to purchase a license to activate the solution and upgrade to the newest release.  New licenses are available with one, two or three year software assurance.

If you are already licensed for Add2Outlook, please renew your software assurance subscription before it expires in order to continue taking advantage of free Add2Outlook updates and upgrades as they are released.

If you were already licensed and your software assurance has expired, you must first purchase an upgrade license to install the new release.  If you already attempted to install the upgrade outside your software assurance, you will meed to purchase an upgrade license since downgrading the new installation to a previous installation is not recommended as it may not work and will require paid technical support services.