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To install the program to another Outlook profile for the same user of the same machine (more than one Outlook profile per user on the same machine):

To configure the program for another user of the same machine, it is recommended that you log on to the machine as the new user, open the new profile, and Add2Outlook will automatically prompt to activate.  This profile will have its own activation code, its own relationships and sync on the settings provided for that profile.  Do this by the normal way of Adding Relationships.  The program will now be activated for the new relationship immediately based on that profile, and will not replicate the other user until that profile is opened.  Add2Outlook will only sync those relationships added for that open profile.

Tip: Although you can have two profiles with a different calendar relationship for replication, it is not recommended that the same source OR destination be used for both relationships for both profiles.  It would be better to add the mailbox or relationship to one profile and set up another relationship within the first profile.

To install the program to the same Outlook profile on another machine:

This is not recommended, or advisable.  There is usually no need for this configuration, but it is possible. In certain circumstances, when the program is running on more than one machine for the same user with the same relationship set up on both machines, it can cause a looping effect between machines which can increase times of replication.

To have replication occur for a user no matter what machine they are using, we recommend using our server-side solution Add2Exchange Standard or Enterprise located at Products.