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Advanced Options

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your upgrade completed uneventfully.

If the system has failed both the regular and "Scrub Only" upgrade attempts, it may be necessary manually specify the options used to start over.  These Advanced Options should only be used by experienced users or in coordination with DidItBetter Software Technical Support.

It would be best to call our Certified Technical Support at 800-837-8636 to purchase a Support Incident before you use these Advanced Options.  However, you may be able to save the cost of a remote Technical Support incident with the tools and explanation provided below.

Advanced Options Selection Dialog

Each Phase of the Upgrade can be turned off or on depending on what Technical Support has advised you to do for your specific problem.  In the normal Upgrade process, each of these options is necessary.

Corrupted items Locator Disabled Warning

If you turn off any of the options, a warning screen will appear advising you of the repercussions of not selecting this phase.  Clicking Yes will uncheck that option.

Disable Paired Item Deletion Confirmation Dialog

Disable Unpaired Item Deletion Confirmation Dialog

Clicking Yes will display a further warning.

Disable Unpaired Item Deletion Warning Dialog

Disable Scrub Item Confirmation Dialog

Once you have conferred with Technical Support and selected which processes you want to run, the following screen will appear.

Deletion Pass Exclusion Folder Selection Dialog

You will be given the opportunity to select certain folders to be excluded from the Deletion Pass.  In most Upgrade scenarios you would not choose to select any folders to be excluded from the Deletion Pass and should select OK.  Here are some considerations for when you might want to exclude a folder:

Selecting folders should occur only AFTER the initial Upgrade process did not work and the Source folders had to be restored from backup and you did not take advantage of the "Scrub Only" option of Stage 3.
If both of these procedures failed, then and only then would you use the Advanced Options and select folders to be excluded from this procedure.
The Advanced Options and Deletion Exclusion are useful if you have a Source folder of which you are certain has the correct set of items to be synchronized to its Destination folder(s) but you are not certain if some or all of them are not Add2Exchange copies.  Users sometimes copy items from other Sources that are actually copies of items, and not the originals.
If you have a set of items which you want to synchronize but you are not confident of their Add2Exchange status (you don't know if they are original items or Add2Exchange copies), you can reassemble them in the original Source folder of an active relationship and choose to exclude it from the Deletion Pass.  After this Advanced procedure, when the 12.6 Upgrade completes you will then be able to have all such items be synchronized to Destination folders, regardless of whether they were Add2Exchange copies or not.
This option allows you to validate a folder as containing only Source items.  If you select a folder to be excluded from deletion, any Add2Exchange copies that have made their way into that folder (whether by Add2Exchange synchronization, by restoring an old backup or by a user manually putting an Add2Exchange copy in that folder) will not be deleted and will then be made into valid original items able to be synchronized to Destination folders.
You should only choose to exclude a folder from the Deletion Pass if you know the folder is not the Destination of any relationship, otherwise it will receive duplicate copies of the items from that relationship when Add2Exchange synchronizes for the first time.

This screen is used to select folders you want to exclude from the Upgrade process once the first two automatic processes have failed. It would be wise to contact Technical Support before any of these procedures are followed.

In most upgrade scenarios you will not select any folders to be excluded. If you selected to exclude any folders from the upgrade  process, do so and click OK. You will be prompted to start the Add2Exchange Service, which will conduct the upgrade process:

Add2Exchange Service Dialog

The upgrade process may take a significant amount of time to complete, but less than the other times before. During this time you can monitor the process by opening and periodically refreshing the Add2Exchange log in the Event Viewer.  You can also use the Task Manager to monitor the A2E Director.exe and Add2Exchange SyncProgram.exe processes. Do not open the Console until it is complete.

When the process is complete, you will have a Success Audit in the Add2Exchange log indicating you have completed the upgrade.  You may now enter the Console to restart the Add2Exchange Service and begin repopulating your Destination folders.

After you initiate the Advanced Options Upgrade Process,  go to the section Continuing the Upgrade Process.

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