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Advanced Options Rule (Calendars Only)

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The Advanced Options Rule(s) applies only to calendar relationships.  This option can be considered as an Advanced "Do Not Copy Private Items" Rule and overrides whether private appointments get copied or not.  Typically, most relationships do not use this advanced option.

This option allows users to be able to specify a special character that once put in the subject line, will partially synchronize information from the Source to Destination. Often mobile device users find this feature helpful but it is just as helpful using regular Outlook.  Once this predetermined character is found in the Appointment subject, Add2Exchange determines whether Full, Medium or Low synchronization occurs to the Destination.

Confidentiality Options:

Full is the normal operation of Add2Exchange and does not need to be specified here.

Use the Medium option if you ALWAYS want the information synchronized without the use of a trigger character and the Subject and Body replaced with the text you enter.

An example of the need for this option is for the chauffer of a very important person. The chauffeur does not need to know the entire details, just the partial details of where and when.  In this case, the relationship could be set to Medium.

Use the Low option if you want to create a relationship which does not synchronize all information to the Destination item and this type of synchronization is triggered by a character. Think of this option as a fine tuning of the Do Not Copy Private Items relationship Rule.

The Low option gives the user the ability to specify what information is being synchronized at the time the appointment is being created.  If the relationship has this option set and sees the trigger, it will synchronize according to the rule. If another relationship on the same folder does not have the Advanced Options Rule specified, it will copy everything according to the relationship settings.

Another example is a department head who has his/her private calendar appointments synchronize to a public calendar for availability purposes. The department head does not want all the details of the  private appointments (ex. Doctor's Appointment) to synchronize to the public but needs the actual time blocked out on the public. Add2Exchange will synchronize the private calendar to the central public calendar with little or no confidential information being copied. In this case, the relationship could be set to Low.

Advanced Relationship Options

Set the Degree of Synchronization

Full: This is the default degree of synchronization. Use this option if you want full synchronization of all parts of the appointment from Source to Destination for this relationship.
Medium: Use this option if you want partial synchronization of Source items marked "private". If a Source item is marked "private", the Destination item will be synchronized with the replacement text in the Subject and Body.  Also, the Destination item is no longer marked "private" in Outlook as it is not treated private, just a public event tied the private event with the details masked from view.
Low:  Use this option if you want partial synchronization of items marked "private" AND with the Confidentiality Trigger Character somewhere in the subject.  The synchronized Destination item will contain the replacement text below in the subject body and the fact that it was "private" is removed on the Destination.  This option is commonly used with OWA and PDA's when the user is unable to mark a new item public or private as "private" from OWA or on the mobile device.

Confidentiality Trigger Character: This character is used to trigger the Confidentiality option of an item in a relationship between a source and destination calendar folder. If this character is anywhere in the subject of the appointment, it will trigger the replacement of the subject and body with replacement text listed below. Pick a character not normally used in your organization's calendar events.

Confidentiality Source and Body Text Replacement: This is the text which automatically replaces the subject and body of the item when the Confidentiality Trigger Character is found.  Common examples of text are "Tim's Private Appointment", or "Tim-Confidential".

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