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Copied Resolution

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Copied Resolution specifies what happens if only the copied item (the Destination copy) changes.

Help Dialog

This option allows for 3 automated choices:

1. Always overwrite any changes to the Destination so the copy in the Destination folder always matches the master Source appointment. This is the most common setting for one-way relationships, but allows for the loss of changed Destination information.

2. Preserve the changed Destination copy, and make a new copy of the original. This option will look like the Destination has duplicates, but actually has two different items, the original and the user's changed copy of the original.  The tied copy in the Destination folder will continue to change with any changes to the Source item, but the new untied duplicate item in the Destination folder will never reflect changes made to the Source item.  Be careful, use of this option should be combined with the Autopop (place text in the field) to make sure the user edits the correct item. If the user makes changes to the new tied copy, it will again untie the changed copy and when synchronization occurs will make a newly tied copy, so there will be three in the Destination.

Note: This option is most often used in public-to-private calendar relationships where the user makes their own notes in the tied copy and wants to keep them as meeting notes. The option is rarely used in contact or task relationships.

3. Synchronize the changes to the Destination copy back to the original. This means the copy in the Destination folder for that user has become the master appointment, and will overwrite the changes in the original Source. This can be a good thing and the desired operation, but is not the best idea when there are more than two users who have this setting on the same source calendar.  If this option is used in a one-to-many relationship, the Conflict Resolution should be set to Overwrite Source so the original item can be overwritten.

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