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Conflict Resolution

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Conflict Resolution specifies which item becomes the master if both items change within one or possibly two synchronization cycles.  On occasion, both the Source and Destination appointment of a calendar relationship are separately changed.  When both Source and Destination appointments are edited, this creates a conflict requiring a resolution by one of 2 actions:

Help Dialog

1. Always replace the item in the Destination folder: This option confirms the Source appointment as the primary/master appointment and will overwrite the changes which were made to the Destination appointment and replace the changed Destination copy with the new updated Source appointment. This is the most common option for all one-way relationships.

2. Always replace the item in the Source folder: This option can make the Destination appointment the primary/master appointment and will write BACK to the original Source item with the updated Destination appointment. Use this option sparingly, and only on one-to-one folder relationships.

Tip: Always replace the item in the Source folder option. If several people have One-to-many relationships, such as a public folder to a private folder, it is best not to have multiple people with relationships that can change the master to the Destination, as someone will lose their information.

This is a very powerful feature that unfortunately does not work well when everyone has this ability to edit, because the first relationship Add2Exchange synchronizes will be the winner, and then Conflict resolution rules apply because both items changed twice during one cycle. If everyone is allowed to write back from the Destination to the master original and then two users do it at the same time, one user's changes will be lost.

For 100% accurate synchronization based on the relationship settings (in a one folder synchronized to many folders relationship) it is best to try to have one Source and one Destination, and always overwrite from Source to Destination.

Tip: If a user opens an item, does not make a change to the information and selects Save and Close, it triggers a Phantom Change for the item.  A Phantom Change is one caused when a user opens an item and does not change the information, but presses the Save and Close button. Selecting this option edits the time and date stamp of the item but does not change the information.  If many users have two-way relationships – that is, they can edit the Destination and write back to the Source – then a Phantom Change can cause unnecessary data loss.  To eliminate Phantom Changes, if the users are not editing the information, train your users to close the item with the Windows "X" (Close) on the top right of the item and it will not change the time and date stamp unnecessarily and will reduce or entirely eliminate potential data loss.  Users can also press the Escape button and if changed, it will warn to save.  If not, it will close and not trigger a Save update to the item.

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