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Initiating the Upgrade

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After running the installation MSI, double-click the Console icon.

Add2Exchange Console Icon (on Desktop)

If Add2Exchange needs to update the relationships to resolve ambiguities in mailbox names, you will see the following dialog:

User Resolution Warning Dialog

If so, follow these instructions by expanding the following section:

Resolving Ambiguous Mailbox Names

1.Note the user which Add2Exchange is trying to resolve and click Show More Names.

User Resolution Dialog

2.Choose the appropriate user and click OK.  Repeat as necessary.

"Start Over" Notification Dialog

1.Click OK to continue the process.

"Start Over" Verification Dialog

2.Click OK to verify you are doing an upgrade from a 2.x or 3.x system.

Upgrade Initiation Dialog

3.Click OK.

Add2Exchange Service Dialog


The upgrade process may take minutes or hours.  It requires no user intervention.  The process runs as under the Add2Exchange Service.

4.Click Yes.


Do not open the Console while Add2Exchange is processing unless you need to stop the upgrade process.

If the process needs to be stopped for any reason, opening the Console is the method provided.

If the Console is opened before the process is complete, the process will need to start over from the beginning, which can be time-consuming.

Restart the process by closing the Console and starting the Service.

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