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Place Text in the Subject or File As With

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Auto-population (Autopop for short) means to automatically put specific text into the subject line of an Appointment or Task or in the File As of a Contact.  You specify the text to be added.

This option is most often used to identify the calendar it came from (such as public) or the creator of appointment with initials, last name or full name. In some scenarios the initials of the user or depending on the relationship, words such as Personal or Work, "Pub" or "public" is appropriate.
In Contacts, this option automatically places text in the "File as" field.  This option is not normally used for Contacts but can be used in private-to-public relationships where it is important to know whose mailbox the Contact came from and identifies the creator of the Contact with initials, last name or department.
This option also gives you the choice to put the auto-populated text before OR after the Appointment or Task Subject or before or after the File as field in Contacts.
If this option is used, Add2Exchange always puts a colon after the Autopop text when selecting the Before option and a colon before the Autopop text when selecting the After option.
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