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Synchronization Range from Today

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The Synchronization Range from Today option specifies what date range you want the program to synchronize from and until.

Set the number of days in advance to synchronize changes from today to that number of days.  The number of days is calculated based on the system date.  Remember, this window slides forward as time passes, so items which are 31 days out from today will start to be synchronized tomorrow, when they become 30 days out.  Likewise items from today will stop being synchronized tomorrow, when they move into the past.  Despite the fact that these items are no longer being synchronized, however, the Destination copies will remain in the Destination folders.  They simply will not receive nor propagate changes to or from their Source items any more.
Set the number of prior days to synchronize changes.  This too is a sliding window.  If it is set to 30 days it will synchronize 30 days in the past, tomorrow, 29 days and the day after tomorrow

Ahead Dates option. This option tells you how many days or weeks to synchronize both in the future. The program will synchronize from today until the timeframe specified has been reached and increments one day in the future each day it runs.

Prior Dates option. This option tells you how many days or weeks to synchronize in the past.

So to summarize, within each relationship you can specify the date range of each folder type of item you want to copy. In a calendar relationship, the ORIGINAL date of the calendar item is used to determine if it should be copied. If the calendar item date falls within the Add2Exchange prior and post date range specified within the relationship, it will be copied. If not, it will not be copied.

In Contact relationships, the date fields are not used to determine synchronization.

In a Task relationship, the start and end dates are the dates used to determine if it falls within the date range specified in the relationship.

Tip: If you want all Tasks to be synchronized, regardless of Start or End Date, you need to set both the Prior synchronize Days and the synchronize Ahead Days to 0. This way when the synchronization cycle is active, all Tasks with an end date (or no end date) and any started or not started Tasks will be copied from the Source to the Destination.

If you want just some of the Tasks copied, such as those with a start or end date falling within the date range you have specified within the relationship, setting the values to something other than zero would only copy those Tasks falling within the range of the calculated date within the start or end date window.

Why don't Task items copy?  If you specify a positive number of days either in the Prior Sync Days or Post (from today) Sync, then in order for the Task to be synchronized, it must at least have a Task Due Date and the date must fall prior to or equal to the number of  synchronize days specified in the relationship.  For example, if you are trying to synchronize 5 days in advance, then the due date must be equal to or less than the date 5 days in the future.

If the Task has a start date specified in the Task, then the start date must be after or equal to the prior synchronize days AND the due date must be before or equal to the post synchronize days.

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