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Server Moves

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Licensed Tool

If you have not already licensed the Add2Exchange Toolbox, see the section Licensing the Add2Exchange Toolbox for details.

*Windows Server 2008

Windows Server 2008 is supported with some caveats:

1.User Account Control must be disabled for proper installation.  Since the User Control Panel is likely not available on your server, you can use one of the alternate methods described at:
2.You must be running at least Exchange Server 2007 SP1 Update Rollup 5, available at:
3.The console does not prompt for you to start the service on exit.  You must remember to start the service manually through either the Services administrative tool or the DidItBetter MMC.

Our instructions for Server 2008 formerly said you needed to disable IPv6 and pointed you to a utility for doing so.  With Update Rollup 5, this is no longer necessary and will negatively impact certain Server editions, such as Small Business Server 2008.  Both of these things (the fix and the release of SBS 2008) happened at about the same time, so the switchover in configuration is timely.  If you have previously disabled IPv6 according to our instructions and are currently working, you won't need to re-enable IPv6.

Moving any combination of the Exchange server and, if Add2Exchange is running on a separate server, the Synchronization Server requires steps be taken prior to the move.

This section details the procedure for migrating to a new server when both Exchange and Add2Exchange are originating from a single server and are both moving to a single new server.  Procedures for the rest of the possible scenarios are under development and until such time that they can be released, please contact DidItBetter Software Support for assistance in these cases.

This process is referred to as a Server Move and is performed by the Add2Exchange Server Move Tool.  The Server Move Tool is a separately-licensed tool which comes pre-installed with Add2Exchange in the Add2Exchange Toolbox, available from a desktop shortcut.

Add2Exchange Toolbox Desktop Shortcut

See the section Licensing the Add2Exchange Toolbox for details on purchasing the Server Move Tool.

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