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Planning the Server Move

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Licensed Tool

If you have not already licensed the Add2Exchange Toolbox, see the section Licensing the Add2Exchange Toolbox for details.

1.Purchase Recovery and Migration Manager along with the Add2Exchange Toolbox.
2.Download latest version of full version of Add2Exchange.
3.Unzip the installation MSI file to a local directory.
4.Run the preinstaller tool as described in Automated Exchange 2007/2010/2013 Configuration, however click the Account Exists checkbox next to the account name.  Run it on the target server.  You can see a video tutorial for running the preinstaller at: Tutorials.
5.Create shared folder on target server.  Give the Service Account Full Control permissions over the directory.
6.Plan on a standard amount of downtime, typically an hour in addition to the time for a Mailbox and/or public Folder move.
7.Do a full mail server backup.
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