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Add2Exchange Service Troubleshooting

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First check the Add2Exchange Log in the Event Viewer for errors.  If you are getting error messages, visit Technical Bulletins to search for the error in question.  This will provide the most up-to-date information on any known issues you encounter.

Also open the Console and go to the Service Utility.  The timer intervals for synchronization of Calendars, Contacts and Tasks are located here.  The minimum Synchronization Interval is 5 minutes and the minimum recommended Synchronization Interval is 10.  The Console will warn you if you try to make a relationship with an interval of less than 5 minutes.  Set Application Logging to Start and Stop Event Logging.

Close the Add2Exchange Console and start the Add2Exchange Service.  Initial synchronization can take several hours.  Look in the Add2Exchange Event Log for progress.  Do not open the Console or it will stop the Add2Exchange Service and halt synchronization.

If Add2Exchange is not synchronizing, log on as the Service Account, do not open the Console, and go to the Control Panel/Services and check to see if the Add2Exchange Service is running.  If it is, then open up Task Manager and look for the processes below.

Open the Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del, Task Manager) select the Processes tab.  Make sure the Show processes from all users option is checked and then sort on the Image Name column.  You should see Add2Exchange Service.exe close to the top of the list.  This means the Add2Exchange Service is functional and waiting to begin its first synchronization cycle.

Task Manager

Normal Service Operation

Whenever you exit the console and start the Add2Exchange Service, the Add2Exchange Service will automatically do a synchronization beginning 30 seconds afterward.  It synchronizes Calendars, Contacts and Tasks separately in that order, starting with Calendars 30 seconds after the Add2Exchange Service starts, then Contacts 30 seconds after Calendars complete and Tasks 30 seconds after Contacts complete.  Add2Exchange then resumes the synchronization period manually specified in the Service Utility settings.

Each time a module is synchronized (Calendars, Contacts or Tasks), you will see the A2E Director.exe program show up in the Task Manager.  The A2E Director is responsible for managing the synchronization process for each module and preventing conflicts from occurring with other instances of Add2Exchange should such an instance arise (this should not happen in normal operation).

The A2E Director in turn spawns the Add2Exchange SyncProgram.exe once for each relationship built in that module.  These instances run serially, so you will only see one at a time.  If no relationships are available to run, the A2E Director simply exits without spawning a SyncProgram.

Allow a full synchronization cycle to occur across all modules and then check the results.  If there are several thousand items and many relationships, the first time it synchronizes may take several hours.  You can estimate the length of the entire process by paying attention to the time a single SyncProgram takes to run and then multiplying by the number of relationships built (this only works if the relationships are copying the same number of items, namely items from the same Source folder).

Allow another full synchronization cycle to occur and check the results again.  The second synchronization takes significantly lower time. Make sure no obvious duplication of Destination items is happening.

Abnormal Service Operation

Open the Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del, Task Manager) select the Processes tab, make sure the Show Processes from all Users option is checked and then sort on Image Name.  You should see Add2Exchange Service.exe close to the top of the list.  This means the Add2Exchange Service is functional and waiting to begin its first synchronization cycle.

If items are not being created in the Destination folders, go into the Add2Exchange Console Service Utility, turn on full event logging and start the Add2Exchange Service by exiting the console. Note: There is a significant performance hit for using full event logging, so remember to turn it off when the issue is resolved.

If the memory or CPU cycles of the Add2Exchange SyncProgram is not increasing or changing at all, then End the process.  After 10 seconds, the A2E Director should end.  The A2E Director may come back into memory again, and if so, this signifies there is a problem synchronizing one of the relationships.  If the A2E Director does not end, then end that process.

Next open the Console and watch to see if it stops the Add2Exchange Service. If it does not, then select and end the Add2Exchange Service process, close the Console and start the Add2Exchange Service again.  This is an abnormal condition which may fix itself.  Let Add2Exchange synchronize a full cycle.  If this condition persists, set the Add2Exchange Logging to Full and start the Add2Exchange Service.  Review the Add2Exchange Event logs, look for any failures and rectify.  If you are unable to fix this condition, make a note of the issues and go to Technical Bulletins.

Please follow the advice on the web. If this is unsuccessful, please contact technical assistance at:  For mission critical immediate support, you may request a paid remote assistance support incident.  For pricing, please go to our Store.

If Add2Exchange does not synchronize, go into the Console and turn on Event Logging and wait for the next synchronization.


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