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Provided in this section are some resources the user can refer to in case a problem arises.  If the problem is not resolved, please feel free to contact us for support (link provided below).


Technical Bulletins and Supporting Files


Support Requests

Support Forums

Contact Us

For Diditbetter Software Sales & Support Call 813-977-5739 or email

Please review our Troubleshooting & FAQ sections below before contacting support.  They are available on the web at our Knowledgebase or in the A2O® tab under License/Help.

Think you need Technical Assistance?  We have provided a handy tool to help you export your configuration to be included in a support request.

Go to the Console and select Help Export Setup.  The relationship information gets copied to where you save it in a text file and opens the text file for you.  Please send it to

If remote assistance is desired, we can escalate your issue to Level Five Support.  A list of your available options can be found here: Premium Support.

We support remote desktop connection (RDC),, VNC, Citrix, Webex, LogMeIn, etc.  Contact your support representative to enable this kind of assistance.


If you find that Add2Exchange is not syncing, please follow these instructions:


First, you will have to manage this software with the Add2Exchange Service account, and no other account.  The default name is "zadd2exchange" but yours may be different.  Always use this account when logging in, and manipulating the Add2Exchange Console. Do not create shortcut links to desktops of other accounts like Domain admins, your account or the administrator account.

Please read the entire post so you can figure out exactly what the problem is before you do anything to modify the current status. Identifying which applies to you before you change anything will allow you to have the answer to why is it not syncing.

This link gives a more detailed explanation of what to expect How Add2Exchange Works.


Users will report one of the following. Sync failures fall into several categories:

The item is not be changed if the tied item is changed and it reverts back - change to relationship settings - Set Copied Resolution to Sync changes back to Source and set Conflict resolution to Always update Source.

The item is not being removed if the tied item is removed - change to relationship settings - Delete Destination item set to Delete Source

The item IS not copied to the destination, either the first time or subsequent times. - Change to relationship settings - set Delete Destination copy to Recopy instead of "Do Nothing"

The item is actually a copy from another relationship. - A2E will not copy a copy and you may need more relationships to go from the original source to the desired destination.  For more information, see this link.

The Source items now all have "Deleted" in the subject. Download and license Add2Outlook Toolbox. Relationship setting was set so Destination item deleted to mark Source item Deleted. - Change to relationship settings - set Delete Destination copy to Recopy or "Do Nothing" (don’t recopy if deleted)

Replicated source or destination Items are disappearing - Check the relationships, they may be too strong - Set Destination Item Deleted to Recopy instead of Delete Source.

An item looks correct in the source or destination folders in Outlook, Entourage or OWA, but not on the phone, this is a phone setting. Go to Calendars setting on the phone and select to sync ALL items. On some phones you have to disable the Calendar sync in Settings and then enable again.

Absolutely nothing is syncing.


Summary and Suggestions - see next section for steps to identify issue:

The most common reason for Synchronization inconsistency is because the Add2exchange Service is not started.

Look to the Add2Exchange Event log and note errors. Follow suggestions or follow web links to resolve.


These are the most common causes and how to figure out which applies to you.

The Add2Exchange Service is started and the Add2Exchange Console is open (in this or another session). Close the Console. If the Add2Exchange Service is not started, Add2Exchange simply will not replicate. The Add2Exchange service is the timer and must be on to replicate. Start the Add2Exchange Service.

The Add2Exchange Service and the SQL A2ESQLSERVER service have to be started with the Add2Exchange service account credentials. Actually, starting with version 15x, the SQL Service can be started as the network service while using SQL 2008 and only the Add2Exchagne service needs to be started as the service account. If you do a security sweep and change the password, these services have to be updated and started manually with the Add2Exchange password on the Log on tab of the properties of the Service(s).

Or there may be a pending reboot on this machine, the CAS server or Exchange Server, or you did a Microsoft Update on any of these machines and did not stop Add2Exchange and reboot after.

The Add2Exchange Service may not be starting after rebooting. If possible, please set the Add2Exchange Service under properties in Service Control Manager to Delayed start if that option is available.

Tip: Since an upgrade of Add2Exchange requires stopping the service, uninstalling the old program and service and installing the new update and service, you will need to reset this delayed start setting after each upgrade.

Tip: It would be wise to stop the Add2Exchange Service before doing a Microsoft Update and doing a reboot afterwards. This will ensure the services Microsoft stops are started again and critical services, (like Exchange or SQL) are not shut down during a replication cycle. A reboot afterward usually cures this issue, so please make it best practices on that server to reboot after any MS updates.

Tip: If upgrading, it is not necessary to reboot after an Add2Exchange Update if you close the Console and Stop the Add2Exchange Service first, prior to the uninstall and none of the Add2Exchange Settings will be lost.

Perhaps the Add2Exchange Service is not started when you log on into the replication server to begin troubleshooting. Start the service manually and correct any log in errors. Check and correct the Add2Exchange Service and the SQL a2ESQLSERVER Service after any passwording changes. It is best not to require pw changes on this account and/or place this in an unmanaged service account policy container in AD.


The Add2Exchange Service not starting after rebooting. See below

The Add2Exchange Service does not start or prompt to start when closing the Add2Exchange Console. Start the Add2Exchange Service manually.


The Add2Exchange Service is started, but Add2Exchange is not syncing. The system may have done a MS update and not rebooted afterward. See below.


You have an old version of the program. Upgrade to the latest release can solve many issues and is often the first step. Follow the link to make sure you will get the upgrade for FREE, or if you have to renew.


Resolution - steps to identify issue:


If you do these next steps in order, you can identify which applies in your case and what to do to avoid this in the future. Read the entire post first.

Before you open the Add2Exchange Console or do anything else on the replication server, you have to log on as the Add2Exchange Service account.

Tip: This program is installed only for this user, and cannot be run as a Domain Admin, so do not drag shortcuts to the programs around from one user to another. You cannot hide the service account from the GAL. Do not elevate or remove permissions to the service account to troubleshoot.

If you are in a "broken" condition, before you do anything else:

Open up Task Manager so you can see the CURRENT status of Add2Exchange. This will assist you in figuring out exactly what the problem is on your server, before you change anything.


Open Task Manager – view Processes, sort by Image name

See if the Add2Exchange Service is running. If it is the only A2*.* program in memory, it is not syncing, and waiting for the next cycle.

If the A2E Director is present, then the A2ESP program flashes into memory and getting some spurts of CPU percentage, then Add2Exchange is in the middle of a sync cycle.

Open the A2E Console and the Service, A2E Director and A2ESP will drop from memory and the Add2Exchange Console will open. This is normal operation. You cannot have the A2E Console and A2E Service running, as the Service will not sync while changes can be being made to the relationships.

Special condition: If all four programs are in memory, the Add2Exchange Console, A2EDirector, A2ESP and Add2exchange Service, then you will have to close all and kill all manually. Look to upgrade to the current version as service stops were a program fix in later versions.

Special condition: If is possible you have the Console open in another Terminal Services Session. Open Task Manager and Users Tab to verify if that feature is available to you, or go to Remote Desktop Connections Manager and log off the other session, or switch sessions and log that off. Then restart the Add2Exchange Services. Again, A2E will not replicate with the A2E Console open in this session or any other session on the machine.

If any of the programs fail to drop after 1 minute, or simply stay there when the A2E Console opens, kill them manually, and look to upgrade your version. Be sure to stop the Add2Exchange Service before MS updates and reboot after.

Tip: It is best to manually control the Update settings of this server, stopping the Add2Exchange Service prior to a MS update (so we are syncing to a system which is up and not patching) and reboot after. This is best practices. To automate this, please see Stopping Services in the Manual on the desktop.

If none of above situations exist, while viewing Task Manager as above, open the Add2Exchange Console.

Normally, the Add2Exchange Service, A2ESP and A2E Director stop, when the Add2Exchange Console opens. If so, then this means your system is communicating well with the Services we require.

Special Condition: If after trying to open the Console or the Console doesn't open and you still have one instance of either of these programs above, Stop the Add2Exchange Service normally and then end task all of them.  If this is the case, simply make sure you have the latest version. Upgrade and continue with the link provided: Upgrade.

If there is more than one A2E Director or A2E Sync program in Task Manager, you must stop the A2E Service and end those instances manually.

If you multiple instances of the A2ESP or Director, and already have the latest Add2Exchange upgrade, (check anyway) and these multiple instances are sometimes caused by MS updates to the Exchange Server or maintenance of the server without stopping the Add2Exchange Service first. To cure this and avoid this in the future, on the server A2E is installed on; stop the Add2Exchange Service prior to the MS update and rebooting after the update.

If there is only one Add2exchange Service and one A2E Director and One A2ESP, then Add2Exchange is running normally and A2E is in the middle of performing a Sync. This is normal.

Be sure to check the Add2exchange Event Log and note the last time you had a success audit. If there is a huge gap in time, it is possible one of the suggestions to modify your update procedure or close the A2E Console or start the Add2Exchange service above will help you stay syncing.

If in the Add2Exchange Event Log there are recent errors you can search for them on the Support site. We may ask you to send any errors for email support. If there are errors, and the message does not help you correct it, you can create and include the errors as part of your trouble ticket at: Support Request.

Tip: If it is common for you to have to reboot in order for A2E to start to sync again, and then stops later on and this is common, it is possible the system has not been rebooted in 90 days or more. Before the reboot, look to see if you are starving for memory or we should limit the amount of SQL Memory you are configured to use on that box. If you are paging, look to the paging file size. Consider making optimization changes, but these are ways to optimize the system for configuration issues for greater consistency.

Tip: Antivirus Active File Scanning can also cause issues. Excluding our environment can create stability as well with this bulletin: Antivirus Exclusion.

The simple solution to many issues is stopping the Add2Exchange Service, check for an upgrade to the version of Add2Exchange, upgrading if necessary, doing the MS Critical updates and rebooting afterwards.

If any of these special conditions exist, then doing what was recommended above and closing the Add2Exchange Console and starting the service should get you back syncing.

Tip: On some systems, (2008R2 and later) closing the Add2Exchange Console does not prompt you to start the Add2Exchange Service. The system will not replicate when you have the Add2Exchange Console open, even if you manually start the Add2Exchange Service. In the Add2Exchange Event log, it will warn you it cannot replicate with the Console open.

Close the Add2Exchange Console and Start the Add2Exchange service if prompted to do so, or start the Add2Exchange Service manually through the Service Control Manager and review the Add2Exchange Event logs.

Again, please stay current with the current release of Add2Exchange as we make improvements constantly and releases about once a month on the 15th or so. Subscribe to the RSS FEED on the site below. Do your MS Critical updates first during your next maintenance cycle, then reboot afterward, stopping the Add2Exchange Service prior. Then you can update A2E without any reboots or interruption.


Need help?  Want one of our certified engineers help you remotely?

If you are on Premier Support, fill out the request and specify you are on Premier Support and we will handle you with the next available appointment.  You would have Premier Support if you purchased one of our value bundles. 

If you want to escalate and start an incident or get on Premier Support, we can make much shorter work of this by remoting in with you. You don’t have to give us logins or passwords, we work together. Most incidents take about 30 minutes to resolve, and give as an opportunity to even do some "relationship therapy" and make sure the relationships do exactly what you want and suggest other ways to support your business information needs.

[Prices valid as of March 2013 and may have changed, follow the link to confirm]

2 Hour Premier: $275.00

4 Hour Premier: $399.00

Regular Incident Tomorrow: $149.00

Priority Incident Today: $199.00

Benefits of Premier Support are Priority Service and discounts in a nutshell: Time never expires until you use it, no administration fees, half off on all essential tools, server optimization, speedier resolution, and a potential for training.  See this link for more details: Premier Support.

If you follow the link and purchase any of the above, please call in to schedule.  If we have an available engineer, we will assist then or schedule.

Tip: You will be prompted at the store for your logon credentials, and please note for your security, the login to the support site is a different login than that of the store.  When you create one, it could be the same as the support site if you wish.

The Remote Assistance software we use was included in the downloaded zip file of the product. It is called “Premier Remote Support.exe” and can be downloaded here: Download.  Cut it from the extracted directory and place it or download it to the desktop of the replication server. Run it and email/call in for the session number. This technology works in 99% of the time. If this does not connect due to firewall issues, we could connect via You would run the Basic, and Share, and Orange Go button and it will install software and give a 3 digit code at the top of the screen. Right click that number and send to email address of the technician with whom you are communicating.

Please also review the Remote Support Guidelines to prepare for your session. At your appointment time, please call in and ask for the technician assigned to your case.

Tip: If you wish to continue by Email support, please start by updating to the latest version of Add2Exchange: Update.

Note: We are unable to troubleshoot older versions as per the release notes.

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