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Set Destination Reminder

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The Set Destination Reminder option applies to calendar and task relationships and gives you the option to choose whether you want the Source appointment reminder notification to synchronize to the Destination every time it synchronizes, regardless of whether the Destination reminder has been dismissed, until the Source reminder is dismissed.

All reminders are copied the first time from Source to Destination in both one-way and two-way relationships. If the "Set Destination Reminder" option is set within the relationship, every time an item is copied from the Source to the Destination, and after every synchronization, the Destination item reminder will be renewed regardless of if it has been dismissed in the Destination.  The only way to dismiss it completely is to dismiss it in the Source. Then the reminder will not be synchronized in subsequent synchronizations again from the Source to the Destination with the Set Destination Reminder on in the rule.

Usually this function is turned off since even if the user dismisses the reminder in the item in the Destination, the reminder will come back from the Source every time Add2Exchange synchronizes, which is normally annoying but useful if needed.

Note: Dismissing the reminder in the Destination (in a two-way relationship) will dismiss the Source reminder for all users with that folder relationship for the item being synchronized and dismissed from the Destination.

Task relationships operate differently than calendars. In a Task relationship, selecting this option is required (to be checked) in order for reminders to be synchronized. If Task reminders are not required, then leave this option alone.  Dismissing the reminder in the Destination will dismiss the reminder from being recopied from the Source after next synchronization.

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