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Do Not Copy Private Items

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The Do Not Copy Private Items option is a simple on/off function to either ignore or synchronize Source appointments marked as private.  The private option of an appointment is a checkbox in the bottom right side of an Outlook appointment.

A private item is a function of a private-to-private or private-to-public relationship since a private item is the only one with a way to mark it private.  Although this option is available in a public-to-private or public-to-public relationship, this option is ignored.
The Add2Exchange Advanced Parameters allows for partial synchronization of calendar items without regard to the private item checkbox.  If the Advanced Options are used in a relationship, users put a predetermined character in the Subject of the appointment or Task to tell Add2Exchange it is private. Then, depending on the character and relationship settings, some parts of the item can be synchronized.
If synchronizing from public-to-private folders, the Do Not Copy Private Items option is not used since there is no such thing as a "Private Public Calendar Item", but the partial synchronization capability of the Advanced Parameters is still available for public-to-private folder relationships.  Refer to the section Advanced Options (Calendars Only).
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