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Editing Relationships

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Note: If you are editing a single relationship, follow the instructions below.  If you want to edit a clone from the Relationship Group Manager, you need to edit the template.  In order to do so, go to the section Editing Template Settings in RGM.

If you need to change the settings of an existing relationship, be sure to consult either the section Recommended Relationship Settings or the section Relationship Setting Reference.

Any options may be changed after relationship creation except the source or destination folders and the Auto place Text.  Changes take effect the next time the Add2Exchange service synchronizes, which begins when you start the Add2Exchange service, either as you exit the console or when you start it through the Services administrative tool or DidItBetter MMC.

Note that you cannot edit the source or destination folders of the relationship, as these are what define the relationship in Add2Exchange.  In order to do so, you need to delete this relationship and create a new one between the desired folders.

Technical Details

Effects of various changes to existing items or rules:

Removing or changing Place Text Before or After Subject/File As field does not remove the text from existing synchronized items, rather it only affects new items after the change.

Changing the synchronization window does not remove calendar or task items which have already been synchronized to the destination that now falls outside the window.

Checking Do Not Copy Private Items deletes from the destination the copies of those items marked private in the source folder.

Changing either Source Item Deleted Resolution or Destination Item Deleted Resolution from Mark Item "Deleted" to a setting which does deletions does not delete items which have been processed by the earlier setting.

Main Console Window (Grid View - Add2Exchange Enterprise)

Main Console Window (Tree View - Add2Exchange Standard)

1)Find the relationship in question and click on it to select it, either in Tree or Grid View
2)Depending on the view, either right-click the relationship and select Edit or click the Edit button.  See the prior illustrations for the difference.

Relationship Edit Dialog

3)Choose the options you would like to change and then click OK.
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