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GAL Exclusions

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GAL Exclusions allow you to remove the specified items from synchronization.  So, for example, if you have a number of sensitive contacts in your Active Directory that shouldn't be synchronized to your other users, you can prune those contacts from synchronization by using the GAL exclusion feature.  Those contacts will be ignored by all GAL Synchronization once configured.

If the contacts have already been synchronized and are then added to the GAL Exclusion list, then the copies will be removed automatically after the next synchronization.

Be Aware

If you have synchronized items that are sensitive, users may have been able to copy those items elsewhere.  Add2Exchange can only eliminate the copies it has made.  Further copies made by users are not handled by Add2Exchange and must be tracked manually.

To manage GAL Exclusions, follow these steps:



1. In the main console window, select Tools > GAL Sync Options.


GAL Exclusions Tab


2. Select the GAL Exclusions tab.

3. Please make note of the new options prior to moving forward.

Exclude New Global Address Book Members: this option will exclude any new mailbox entries from being automatically added to the global address list GALCache folder; this includes resource mailboxes, email enabled public folders, etc.
Exclude Distribution List: excludes any new mailbox entries from being added to the distribution list GALCache folder.
Include Distribution List Members: if you include a distribution list in the include list, and it has GAL members in it, it will make a contact for each GAL entry in the distribution list; as long as you don't exclude the members manually.  Any new members of the distribution list will automatically be added, regardless of the setting(s) above Exclude New Global Address Book Members.

4. Review the list in the left pane for contacts you would like to exclude from synchronization:

a)Select the desired contact(s) by clicking the checkbox next to their name(s), or by using the Select All and/or Invert Selection buttons.
b)Click >> Exclude >>
c)Click Apply.
d)Click OK.

These contacts will be excluded from future synchronization.  If they have been copied by relationships, the copies will be removed during the next synchronization.

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