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GAL Synchronization Relationships

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Add2Exchange Enterprise

This feature is unique to the Add2Exchange Enterprise Edition.

A GAL synchronization relationship allows you to synchronize your folder with the Global Address List in Exchange.

GAL synchronization must be initialized before you can build a relationship.  In order to initialize GAL synchronization, you must have a public contact folder dedicated for the purpose of caching the GAL contents.  Create this folder somewhere in the public folder tree and give the service account ownership of the folder per the instructions in the section Assign Public Folder Ownership in the Installation Guide.  In this example we will use a folder in the root of the public folder store named GALCache.

Follow the steps in the following sections to initialize GAL synchronization and create a GAL synchronization relationship.

GAL Sync is more demanding of Exchange resources than regular synchronization.  You can slow down the rate of synchronization for GAL Sync if it becomes an issue.  To do so, see the GAL Performance topic in the section Application Performance.

GAL Synchronization relationships can be either normal relationships or group relationships (in Relationship Group Manager).  GAL Sync relationships are edited and deleted the same way that those two types of relationships are.  If you have a normal GAL sync relationship, see the sections Editing Relationships and Deleting Relationships for details.  If you have an RGM-managed GAL Sync relationship, see the section Editing Template Settings in RGM and Deleting Group Relationships or Detaching Templates for details.

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