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Licensing the Add2Exchange ToolBox

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Contact your DidItBetter Software account representative or visit: Store/Add-On Tools to purchase the Add2Exchange Toolbox.

Once you have completed your purchase, follow these steps to request and install your Toolbox license:

Add2Exchange Toolbox Desktop Shortcut

1.Double-click the Add2Exchange Toolbox icon.

Add2Exchange Toolbox

2.Click License this Tool.

Licensing Dialog


You must make your license request for the Toolbox from the Toolbox application, not the Add2Exchange Console.  Despite the fact this process closely resembles the Add2Exchange Console's licensing process, the two do not use the same key information.

Be Aware

You don't need to click Step 1: Purchase unless you want to visit our online store to purchase.  If you already have a DidItBetter Software account representative, it is better to contact us directly.

3.Click Send License Address To

License Registration Dialog

Be Aware

If you select any role other than End User, you will have a "Consultant Information" tab to fill out separately.  "End User" refers to your client or employer, as the case may be.

Be sure to check the Send License Information checkbox on the "Consultant Information" tab to instruct us to send the license key to both you and your client/employer.

4.Click the appropriate role under I am the.. and fill out the required fields on the right-hand side.  Fill out both tabs and click Licensing What?

Product License Selector

5.Select Add2Exchange Toolkit from "Available License Products".  Click Add to My License Selection Below. Click Done. Your license request will have been sent to DidItBetter Software.  Allow up to three business days for your key to process.
6.On the License Registration dialog, click Cancel.

Licensing Dialog

Be Aware

You can cut and paste the entire key into Box #1.  The dialog will parse it out for you.

7.When your key arrives, reopen the Licensing dialog and enter your key in Box #1.  Click OK.
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