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Add2Exchange ToolBox

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The Add2Exchange Toolbox is a set of tools created for maintaining, optimizing and troubleshooting Add2Exchange.

Under Construction

Currently most features are under development and are not yet documented.  It is not recommended you use any of the undocumented tools without the assistance of DidItBetter Software Support.

The documented tools currently include:



Server Move

Manages the process of moving Exchange and/or Add2Exchange to another server while keeping relationships and data intact.

See the section Server Moves for details.

Inspector General

Provides insight into the functioning of relationships and the Add2Exchange database.  Can help pinpoint inconsistencies and problem areas.

Be Aware

FolderMatic Clone-A-Folder for Exchange Server as well as the Recovery and Migration Manager Tool are not part of the Add2Exchange ToolBox and are licensed separately.  See Appendix B: Recovery and Migration Manager and the FolderMatic documentation available at: Guides for details.

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