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The InspectorGeneral Tool provides the ability to inspect Exchange folders and the Add2Exchange database.

Under Construction

The documentation for this tool is currently under development.

Add2Exchange Toolbox Shortcut

1.Double-click the Add2Exchange Toolbox desktop shortcut.

Add2Exchange Toolbox

2.From Free Tools dropdown, select InspectorGeneral and click Go.


3.Select the appropriate radio button for the kind of folder which you are inspecting, either public or private.  Click the Pick Folder button.

Folder List

4.Choose the appropriate folder and click OK.

InspectorGeneral Message Statistics

5.The count fields populate as the folder is inspected.

InspectorGeneral Database Information

6.To inspect the Add2Exchange database, select the Database Information tab.  Click Connect DB to generate the row count report.  A green status indicates a consistent number of rows in the database.

InspectorGeneral Reverse Msg Inspector Report

7.Click Reverse Msg Inspector to determine if there is data in the database no longer corresponding to live messages or relationships.


Do not use the Reset DB function unless directed to do so by DidItBetter Software Support.

InspectorGeneral Relationship Information

8.Select the Relationship Information tab to see statistics on the state of your relationships.

InspectorGeneral SurgeonGeneral (locked)

9.Select the SurgeonGeneral tab and click Unlock.

InspectorGeneral SurgeonGeneral (unlocked)

10. Click View AI NP to display statistics on the form type, field count and Add2Outlook properties associated with each record in the target folder.
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